Gall Advises on the Restructuring of the Century Sunshine Group 

The Insolvency Team at Gall continues to advise Century Sunshine Holdings Group Limited (Stock Code: 509)  (the “Company”) on its debt restructuring and has successfully secured sanction of a Hong Kong scheme of arrangement (the “Hong Kong Scheme”) (as part of parallel schemes of arrangement in Hong Kong and Singapore). In August 2023, the Honourable Mr Justice Harris sanctioned the Hong Kong Scheme between the Company and 5 of its subsidiaries in the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong on one hand and their Scheme Creditors on the other: Re Century Sunshine Group Holdings Ltd and Others [2023] HKCFI 2041. 

One Bad Apple can Spoil the Whole Bunch 

Phase 1 of the Mandatory Reference Checking Scheme (“MRC Scheme”) launched at the beginning of the month to stop “rolling bad apples”.  Background On 5 May 2022, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”), announced its endorsement of the Guidelines of the MRC Scheme issued by the Hong Kong Association of Banks and the DTC Association. 

Gall Welcomes New Litigation Associate

3rd April, 2023 – Gall, a leading independent Hong Kong law firm focusing primarily on dispute resolution, announced today that Rachel Au has joined the firm’s Commercial Litigation practice as an Associate.  Rachel graduated with a BBA (Law) (Major in Wealth Management) & LLB double degrees from the University of Hong Kong, where she also completed her

Third Party Discovery in the Context of Wire Fraud

There has been a dramatic increase in wire fraud globally, and Hong Kong is no exception. As a major world financial centre, Hong Kong is – perhaps more than any other – a jurisdiction through which both legitimate and illegitimate funds flow on a daily basis. In our experience, where funds are fraudulently diverted to

Consequences for Failing to Pay Terminal Payments Within the Statutory Time 

When an employee’s employment is terminated, certain payments become due and failure to make such terminal payments can have serious consequences. It is therefore essential that employers are aware of their statutory obligations upon termination.   What are employees entitled to upon termination? When calculating terminal payments, employers must consider the individual circumstances of each

Gall Sponsors Hong Kong Legal Walk’s Closing Ceremony and Lunch

Gall sponsored the Hong Kong Legal Walk’s Closing Ceremony and Lunch on November 19th, 2022. The inaugural Hong Kong Legal Walk connected the legal profession with the common cause of charity and service to our local community. In addition to sponsoring the closing event, a team of Gall lawyers hiked 12.5km to from Aldrich Bay

Winding-up a Foreign Incorporated Company in Hong Kong – Nature of Benefits Conferred by a Winding Up Order

Case Background 14th June, 2022 -The Court of Final Appeal (“CFA”) handed down a judgment in Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited v Arjowiggins HKK 2 Limited [2022] HKCFA 11 (“CFA Decision”) yesterday, ruling on the nature of benefits conferred by a winding up order required to wind up a foreign incorporated company. The jurisdiction of

Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Disability discrimination is a complex yet crucial area of law which all employers will come across at some point. A stigma exists in Asian cultures around disability which, coupled with a lack of awareness from mainstream corporate culture, means that disability is often seen as ‘the forgotten cause’ of DEI priorities.