Working From Home

Webinar: Navigating Post-Covid Work and Employment Challenges

As Hong Kong regains some normalcy and learns to live with COVID, more companies are calling employees back to the offices to work full-time. However, employees’ expectations, priorities and values have changed, and an increasing number of the workforce want more support, increased flexibility, remote working and focus on wellness. As an employer, how can

Remote Working from Overseas: Key Legal Implications Employers Should Know

Remote working arrangements have become prevalent in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic such as risk of infections, travel restrictions and quarantine requirements in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Many employers are also considering remote working as ‘the new normal’ given the reduced operational costs. For some employees, remote working may mean working overseas. In this article, we discuss the legal implications that employers in Hong Kong should have regard to before allowing their employees to work overseas.

Employment Spotlight: Guidance for Protecting Personal Data in Work from Home Arrangements

The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (“PCPD”) has issued Guidance Notes for (1) organisations, (2) employees, and (3) users of video conference software, with a view to enhance measures for data security and data privacy in the use, storage and handling of personal data when employees work from home (“WFH”). In this article we have briefly summarised the three Guidance Notes (“Guidance”) published by PCPD and set out key takeaways for employers.