Employment Spotlight: The law on demotions in Hong Kong

A demotion normally involves a reduction in rank or status, or a decrease in job responsibilities and/or salary. An employer may wish to demote an employee for a variety of reasons including poor performance, capability and/or as an alternative to termination.Regardless of the reason for the demotion, an employer should be careful when demoting an employee. Any demotion should be managed professionally and lawfully; failure to do so may expose the employer to an unwanted claim.

Employment Spotlight: Redundancy in Hong Kong – a Q & A with Gall’s employment team addressing the law regarding redundancies in Hong Kong

Whether you are an employee or an employer, it pays to have an understanding of the law regarding redundancies. While last year saw significant job cuts across the finance and aviation industries, redundancies can occur in any industry at any time due to a range of political, technological and economic factors.

Employment Update: Compulsory Reinstatement and Re-engagement of Unreasonably and Unlawfully Dismissed Employees

On 2 March 2016, the Employment (Amendment) Bill 2016 (the “Bill”) was introduced to the Legislative Council. The Bill seeks to empower the Labour Tribunal to make an order for reinstatement or re-engagement as requested by an employee in a case of unreasonable and unlawful dismissal without the need to first secure the employer's agreement. The Bill does not change the current framework in regards to unreasonable dismissals that are not unlawful.