Gall lawyers address a range of topical legal issues relating to dispute resolution in our videos below.
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Partner Kajal Aswani explains what a pre-nuptial agreement is, why some couples may consider entering into one, and their enforceability in Hong Kong.
Hear how our partners Evelyn Chan and Kenix Yuen describe the varying processes of resolving disputes between parties.
Partner Kenix Yuen shares some tips for settling small disputes in Hong Kong.
Nick Gall looks at whether a force majeure clause applies to COVID-19 and the party’s performance, whether there is a duty of mitigation and if there is a duty to continue performing.
Nick Gall explores how and when a contract is frustrated, the narrow scope of frustration, and whether frustration can be en-acted due to the impact of COVID-19
Nick Gall takes a look at the business environment in Hong Kong during and post-COVID-19 and how it is making redundancies inevitable and sometimes crucial.
Nick Gall explores the concept of force majeure in relation to COVID-19. crucial.
In this Q&A, Nick Gall explores crucial questions a business may have in relation to redundancies, including: What process do we need to follow to make someone redundant? What is a post-termination restriction? When is redundancy considered unlawful?
Nick Gall explores concerns an employee may have relating to redundancies and COVID-19.