Gall lawyers address a range of topical legal issues relating to dispute resolution in our videos below.
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Chantelle Woo and Catherine Tso explore what parents should consider before making a relocation application to move children internationally in our latest video in Cantonese.

In part 2 of this video on relocating children internationally in a divorce, Partner Kajal Aswani shares practical tips when making a relocation application.

In this video, Partner Kajal Aswani explores how to legally relocate your child internationally in a divorce and how the Courts will assess a relocation application.

Hong Kong plays an important role in the development of the Greater Bay Area, or GBA. Associate Adrian Li explores the importance of those seeking to do business in or relating to the PRC to understand the many benefits of opting for Hong Kong law to resolve cross-border disputes.

Employees’ expectations, priorities and values have changed, and an increasing number of the workforce want more support, increased flexibility, remote working and greater focus on wellness. Is an employer under any obligation to accommodate an employee’s request to relocate and work abroad though?

Watch Vanessa Ip in our latest video to find out more.

What happens if someone pulls out of an employment contract between acceptance and commencement? The key takeaway from a recent Court of Appeal decision Law Ting Pong Secondary School v Chen Wai Wah is that if the contractual documentation is clear, contractual obligations and employment terms might start before the individual has formally commenced work.

Learn more in our video with employment Associate Vanessa Ip.

Indian awards and judgments are recognised and enforceable in Hong Kong. But what is the application process and what happens when leave is granted to enforce? Is leave ever refused and what modes of enforcement are available in Hong Kong?

Senior Associate Ashima Sood addresses these questions in our latest video.

What is the current situation regarding vaccinations in Hong Kong? In this audio clip, Matthew Durham explores whether an employer can require an employee to have a vaccination.

Senior Associate Yandy Lam explores the potential violations of the First Conduct Rule of the Competition Ordinance (Cap. 619) in Hong Kong, including price-fixing, market sharing, bid-rigging and other possible violations under the Rule.

*this video is in Cantonese

Employees working from home (WFH) for certain periods of time has become a common reality.
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A sanctioned offer can be a useful weapon to end litigation quickly. Senior Associate Yandy Lam explains what a sanctioned offer is and the potential effects in this short video.

Senior Associate Ashima Sood speaks about the security for costs regime, including the factors considered by Hong Kong Courts when making the order and fixing the amount of security to cover the defendant’s costs in defending the proceedings if the plaintiff is ultimately unsuccessful.

Senior Associate Chantelle Woo and Associate Loretta Ho discuss what “full and frank financial disclosure” means in a divorce and explain what a Form E is, what to include in it and how to complete it.

In Hong Kong, children issues relating to a divorce are broken down into three main areas: custody, care and control, and access. Senior Associate Chantelle Woo explains what each area means.

*this video is in Cantonese

Following on from our “How to Recognise and Avoid Email Scams” video, Of Counsel Felda Yeung explains the Court process to recovering misappropriated funds.

Associate Catherine Tso on the Family & Divorce team explains the mediation process and the potential benefits for parties.

Associate Loretta Ho explains the process of a divorce in Hong Kong – touching on the grounds for filing for a divorce and key steps to take before finalising a divorce. Navigating a divorce can be challenging and stressful. Make sure you are aware of your legal rights and have a good understanding of what it involves.

*this video is in Mandarin Chinese

In this video, Of Counsel Felda Yeung explores what an email scam is, tips to prevent them and what to do if you are a victim of fraud.

Executive Partner Chris Wong explains the process of asset tracing and describes what asset recovery is.
*This audio clip is in Mandarin Chinese

Partner Evelyn Chan shares insights on civil litigation in Hong Kong, touching on how to commence civil litigation, the process for bringing a claim, whether it’s possible to settle a matter before trial and what happens if you win at a trial and the judgment is in your favour.
*This video is in Cantonese

Executive Partner Chris Wong and Partner Kenix Yuen explain the new arrangements connecting Hong Kong arbitrations to Mainland interim measures, exploring how firms are putting the new arrangements into practice and taking advantage of Hong Kong being the first and only jurisdiction to enjoy such an arrangement with Mainland China.

*This video is in Mandarin Chinese

Executive Partner Caroline McNally and Partner Kajal Aswani explain the process of going through a divorce in Hong Kong.

Executive Partner Caroline McNally and Partner Kajal Aswani explain the terminology and legal framework surrounding children matters, exploring what terms such as custody, care and control and access mean, and the factors courts take into account when making orders for children.

Executive Partner Caroline McNally and Partner Kajal Aswani explain the terminology and legal framework surrounding children matters, exploring what terms such as custody, care and control and access mean, and the factors courts take into account when making orders for children.

Partner Kajal Aswani explains what a pre-nuptial agreement is, why some couples may consider entering into one, and their enforceability in Hong Kong.

Hear how our partners Evelyn Chan and Kenix Yuen describe the varying processes of resolving disputes between parties.

Partner Kenix Yuen shares some tips for settling small disputes in Hong Kong.

Nick Gall looks at whether a force majeure clause applies to COVID-19 and the party’s performance, whether there is a duty of mitigation and if there is a duty to continue performing.

Nick Gall explores how and when a contract is frustrated, the narrow scope of frustration, and whether frustration can be en-acted due to the impact of COVID-19

Nick Gall takes a look at the business environment in Hong Kong during and post-COVID-19 and how it is making redundancies inevitable and sometimes crucial.

Nick Gall explores the concept of force majeure in relation to COVID-19. crucial.

In this Q&A, Nick Gall explores crucial questions a business may have in relation to redundancies, including: What process do we need to follow to make someone redundant? What is a post-termination restriction? When is redundancy considered unlawful?

Nick Gall explores concerns an employee may have relating to redundancies and COVID-19.


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