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Vincent Lee provides an analysis of The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom’s landmark decision on “No Oral Modification” Clauses and the practical implications on the parties to a commercial contract in Hong Kong.

It is common for parties to a commercial contract to insert a clause stating that “all variations to the contract must be agreed, set out in writing and signed on behalf of both parties before they take effect” (commonly known as a “No Oral Modification” or “NOM” clause). If the parties subsequently have a purported oral agreement to vary a particular term of the contract but do not say anything about the NOM clause, will such a variation be effective?

Employment Spotlight: Post-termination restraints in Hong Kong – Wilson Cheung looks at some key issues surrounding post-termination restraints in Hong Kong

It is common to find employers imposing post-termination restraints (“PTRs”) on employees in order to restrict the post-termination activities of the employees with the aim of protecting the employer’s businesses. Post-termination restrictions are often used by employers to restrict an employee from: joining competitors; poaching employees; soliciting clients or customers; or dealing with clients or suppliers.