Month: September 2019

Resolving a dispute – initial considerations

Stan Cheung and Nick Gall recently wrote an article on “Resolving a Dispute – Initial Considerations” for LexisNexis where they explored key factors and preparation to be taken before commencing litigation. As part of our collaboration with LexisNexis Adriel Wong also wrote a piece on “Substituted Service by Social Media” and Ashima Sood wrote about “International Enforcement of Default Judgements”.

Gall ranked in Asialaw Profiles and Asialaw Leading Lawyers 2020

In the newly published edition of Asialaw Profiles 2020, Gall has been named an Outstanding Firm in Dispute Resolution and Labour & Employment practice areas and Highly Recommended Firm for Restructuring & Insolvency. The Firm is also ranked as a Recommended Firm for Regulatory and a Notable Firm for Private Client practice areas. Gall also received recognition in the sector categories as a Recommended Firm for Technology and Telecommunications and a Notable Firm in Banking and Financial Services.

Privacy Within a Relationship and in Family Proceedings

Loretta Ho examines the Court’s view on the use of confidential documents and information obtained by ‘self-help’ means. During a relationship, it is common for couples to allow each other to access their confidential documents and information. With modern day technology, these documents are readily accessible if they are stored in the virtual “cloud” storage. The documents are essentially “one click away” from their electronic devices. It also follows that it is easy for a party to access the other party’s communications with third parties, including their legal advisers.