Month: August 2017

“Hong Kong courts: pro-arbitration in principle and in practice” – Nick Gall and Ashima Sood contribute the Hong Kong chapter of The Dispute Resolution Global Guide 2017 published by Practical Law

It is well recognised that the pro-arbitration and pro-enforcement approach of Hong Kong courts is the key attribute that underpins Hong Kong's position as an attractive venue for commercial dispute resolution.Due to the rapid economic growth in the markets and a surge in cross-border transactions, arbitration users across the globe are demanding a robust regulatory framework and a judicial climate that is pro-arbitration. Hong Kong has been successful in recognising these demands both in principle as well as in practice.This article considers:The pro-enforcement approach of courts in Hong Kong in the context of the recent judgment in U v A [HCCT 34/2016]. Other important developments in the arbitration regime in Hong Kong.