Gall Partners Caroline McNally and Chris Wong present at C5’s 2nd Annual Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Asia Conference in Hong Kong

C5’s 2nd Annual Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Asia Conference was held in Hong Kong on 6th-7th June 2016. The leading event of its kind in the region, the conference brought together an international array of experts involved in fraud litigation and asset recovery to share their unique experiences and insights in this growing area.

Caroline McNally, Head of Gall’s Family and Divorce Practice and Chris Wong, a fraud expert and also Head of China Related Matters at Gall, gave a joint presentation on the topic “Asset Recovery in Matrimonial Disputes”.

Some of the issues covered included:

  • Common techniques used for asset identification, verification and tracing in matrimonial cases and how they compare with asset recovery cases
  • The extent to which disputes involving matrimonial assets is a growth area for asset recovery practitioners
  • Unique investigative issues arising from matrimonial asset recovery cases in Asia
  • Enforcing matrimonial awards

With major incidents of fraud on the rise in Asia, lawyers and forensic experts require the know-how and contacts on the ground in order to achieve the best results for their clients. As well as understanding the nuances of asset tracing and recovery in the Asia region, the global nature of fraud means that increasingly remedies need to be sought in jurisdictions beyond Asia where assets are hidden, including the Caribbean, US and Europe.

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