Gall sponsors the YDA Annual Spring Fling fundraiser to support children in Hong Kong with diabetes.

Gall was proud and delighted to be one of the sponsors at this year’s YDA (Youth Diabetes Action) Spring Fling, the YDA’s annual fundraiser to support children in Hong Kong suffering from diabetes. The theme for the night was “Le Grand Tour”, a night of car racing, music and an inspirational talk by racing car driver Dan Wells. The event was held to raise funds for equipment for the YDA’s newly purchased Centre of Excellence.


About Youth Diabetes Action:

Youth Diabetes Action (YDA) is a charity established in 2001, dedicated to supporting children and adolescents with diabetes and their families in Hong Kong.

Our membership reflects a mixture of children and adults with diabetes, parents, medical professionals and other interested individuals from diverse backgrounds, who come together to share experiences and to improve the lives of children affected by diabetes.

Support has concentrated on family sharing events, organising activities for children, educating parents, and developing public awareness to overcome the prejudice and difficulties diabetic children have to overcome at school and in the community.