Gall sponsors “Stomp Your Foot” the eighth annual successful collaboration by the Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir and the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Performances on 1st & 8th November.

The Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir has been sponsoring vocal students at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA) since 1991.

In 2007, the choir held a special concert to celebrate their 30th anniversary season in collaboration with the HKAPA, featuring their sponsored vocal students. That collaboration has taken place since then on an annual basis.

In addition to the vocal scholarships, HKMVC donate a portion of the proceeds of the annual concerts to HKAPA which is given to HKAPA students as “Welsh Daffodil Prizes” usually spread among 10-12 different people who are not necessarily vocal students, for example students with the Academy Brass Ensemble. The concert this year features their two sponsored vocal students, Xinai Ruan and Alexandra Szeto, the Academy Brass Ensemble and dancers from the School of Contemporary Dance.