Family Law Podcasts

Gall has collaborated with FliP on a podcast discussing the factors that you need to take into account when deciding whether to start your divorce in Hong Kong or in England. FLiP Associate Solicitor Rebecca Alexander leads the discussion with Gall Associate Catherine Tso.

Listen here.

We worked with Conventus Law on a podcast series exploring issues relating to divorce in Hong Kong.

Grounds for Divorce in Hong Kong

We explore the grounds for divorce in Hong Kong with Kajal Aswani: Listen here.

Children, Custody and Access

We explore children’s custody and access issues in Hong Kong with Kajal Aswani: Listen here.

Rights of Unmarried Fathers in Hong Kong

We touch on the rights of unmarried fathers in Hong Kong with Caroline McNally: Listen here.

Mediation Process

We unpack the mediation process and why this may be a good option with Caroline McNally: Listen here: