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Andrea Randall Interviewed on RTHK Radio Discussing Work Arrangements During Typhoons

Andrea Randall was interviewed by RTHK Radio where she explored The Labour Department’s code of practice on work arrangements during typhoons which have left people confused about whether companies can order staff to work from home when a number eight storm signal is issued. The code stipulates that while essential workers have to continue to go to work, everyone else should stay in a safe place. But now that most people are used to working from home, do bosses have the right to order their staff to do so during a typhoon?

Kajal Awsani and Chantelle Woo Write Byline Article on Cross-Border Divorce for Hong Kong Economic Times

Kajal Aswani and Chantelle Woo have written an article on cross-border divorce and disputes relating to child custody for Hong Kong Economic Times – TOPick, exploring how the court process works in cross-border divorce cases, how the Hong Kong courts handle divorce cases and child custody disputes, and the key takeaways for parents, especially relating to how to protect their children.