Gall is addressing legal issues surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) which may be impacting clients in Hong Kong. From in-depth articles on force majeure and the frustration of contracts to employment law pieces on working from home and redundancies, the firm’s lawyers can support on a range of issues including contracts, disputes, employment & labour matters, and unforeseen family law matters surrounding care and control during these unprecedented times.

Kenix Yuen Quoted in Insurance Asia News Article on Aviation Risk During COVID-19

Kenix Yuen was quoted in an article by Insurance Asia News on the Asian aviation industry’s losses given the recent developments of COVID-19. She was quoted saying: “Complying with new regulations and guidelines by each country presents a huge challenge to air operators – including the aircraft leasing and logistics companies – and increases their legal risks as well. Failure and omissions to comply likely increases their liabilities to passengers contracting Covid-19 on board and may affect their own insurance protection.”

COVID-19 and the Doctrine of Frustration in Hong Kong

In our recent article we discussed the legal ramifications of the force majeure clauses to “excuse” parties from performing onerous or impossible contracts in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst it is not uncommon for commercial contracts to incorporate force majeure clauses, there remain circumstances under which a party may also consider to seek to relieve themselves from performing under the common law doctrine of frustration.

COVID-19 and the Operation of Force Majeure in Hong Kong

The outbreak of COVID-19 novel coronavirus has brought about disruptions to both public life and international business of an unprecedented scale. Not surprisingly, there have already been instances of parties relying on the contractual force majeure clauses to “excuse” themselves from performing onerous or impossible contracts.In this article, partners Nick Gall, Evelyn Chan, Kenix Yuen and Trainee Solicitor Adriel Wong explore whether a force majeure clause applies to COVID-19 and to a party's performance, and the various actions to take if a party considers that it is entitled to invoke a force majeure clause.