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Caroline McNally and Loretta Ho Write Article on Parental Disputes and Child Vaccinations for Hong Kong Lawyer

Executive Partner Caroline McNally and Associate Loretta Ho have written an article for Hong Kong Lawyer’s e-newsletter exploring parental disputes surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine. They explain how the question of whether a child can be vaccinated is a custodial issue and share two recent UK decisions which they conclude are likely to be followed in Hong Kong if parental disagreements over Covid-19 vaccinations arise in similar situations.

The impact of COVID-19 on temporary removal of children out of Hong Kong

Every year before long holidays i.e. Christmas, Easter and Summer, family law practitioners would often be busy dealing with their clients’ applications for temporary removal of children out of Hong Kong for their holiday travel. 2020 has been very different. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and with the lockdown and travel restrictions around the world, we have not seen the typical “seasonal” element to temporary removal applications as holiday travel is no longer a driving force behind these applications.

Caroline McNally and Catherine Tso Write Article for Family Law Journal exploring Private Children Law Proceedings in Hong Kong

Caroline McNally and Catherine Tso wrote an article for Family Law Journal exploring key considerations in private children law proceedings in Hong Kong, giving special attention to jurisdiction matters, in particular in cases involving expats with regards to custody, care, control and access.